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Several years ago I had the vision to set up a company following several personal experiences with individuals that abused their power and committed fraud to defend their wrongdoings.

I have assisted family and friends with various complaints and disputes. Currently, I choose who I can help but eventually, I would like to expand Fraud Detection & Reporting Pty Ltd (FrdDetRpt®), to help others avoid the hurdles that I have had to overcome, in my journeys to seek justice.

I understand that many families especially those with young children are very time poor and simply do not have the capacity to understand and circumnavigate through websites, to attend to their own complaint and or dispute. Lengthy legal delays and significant financial loss generally result in abandonment for their pursuit of justice.

Through Fraud Detection & Reporting Pty Ltd (FrdDetRpt®), I hope that I can reach the decision makers when required with people that share the same passion for equality. People power when united can take on those with deep pockets, and just maybe, the right outcome will prevail.

(FrdDetRpt®) provides specialised advocacy services for Residential Building Disputes, with a particular focus on Renovation-related disputes. These services are currently limited to NSW (Australia). When required, I seek advice from professional experts such as Solicitors, Barristers and Building Consultants that specialise in this field. Advocacy services provided:

  1. NSW Fair Trading (NFT): Engage and attend inspections
  2. NSW Civil and Administration Tribunal (NCAT): Engage and attend hearings (conciliatory and judicial)
  3. GIPA Applications: Submit applications and pursue internal and external reviews to obtain evidence

Joe Zidar
Founder & Director
Fraud Detection & Reporting Pty Ltd (FrdDetRpt®)

Our Values

Providing an industry leading advocacy service that promotes trust, respect, integrity and transparency.

Mission Statement

Helping others by providing affordable advocacy services.

Company Vision

Partnering with influential people that can collaborate efficiently to improve the professional and ethical conduct of individuals employed in the construction industry, including those that are responsible for administrating and enforcing building regulations and standards.

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